One Thing You Can Do To Defend Yourself Against Negativity

Negativity can be very persuasive  - and it doesn't just show itself in Doomsday Theories. We find it in our daily lives, on the one hand by just watching TV (and news in particular), and, on the other and more importantly, through pessimistic people that we have to put up with at our jobs and in our families.

And make no mistake, it can be contagious. Misery is easy, it's happiness you have to work at. The way towards a pessimistic outlook on life is always the one with the least resistance.

It is emotionally challenging to be around a negative person , somebody whose glass is always half-empty, a person that doesn't accept that there are shades between black and white. So protect yourself.

There are limits on the protection you can give yourself in your family and in your workplace. There are people you just have to spend time with, like it or not.  

Not so with your friends, so choose them wisely. Other people will always rub off on your personality, the kind of person you are. So surround yourself with positive people.

Befriend people who are optimistic, who view life more as a series of challenges to be overcome and to grow with, instead of those who only see problems ahead.

Look for those with a sense of humor, somebody you can have a good laugh with. Laughter is, after all, the last defense against the universe.

Find those who accept that life is difficult, but who know that life is MEANT to be difficult. They are those who overcome obstacles, instead of just moaning that there is yet another one.

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