eBook: Make Twitter Work For You

Let me teach you how to get 70k to 100k NEW Followers to your Twitter account within the year

But not only that. In this 124 pages  .pdf file eBook I will show you how to exercise massive influence with your followers and turn them into friends, associates and clients that are eager to listen to what you have to say.


I have 302,034 very active followers on Twitter. 

I'm glad to say that I have found most of my students and clients on Twitter. And that is because I approached the growing of my Twitter account, after some initial bewilderment, as a skill that can be learned.

I had to do it by trial and error, and there were a lot of errors, believe me! But now I am in a position to help you avoid those mistakes and apply the most effective strategies right from the start.

What I will teach you in my eBook are time-proven strategies, strategies that I have tested and developed over the years myself.


Twitter is the perfect tool for meeting new people around the globe, whatever your niche or agenda. 

It's practically the only Social Network out there where you can grow your influence on a massive scale without having to invest a dime.

With some effort on your part, and equipped with the knowledge on how to work effectively on Twitter, you will soon see results that will blow your mind. Results that will translate into new clients, readers of your new novel, the sale of your photographs, donations to the charity you are supporting, you name it.

Here is what you will learn in this course:

* How to be competent on Twitter right from the start.

* The three main ingredients to exercising massive and lasting influence on Twitter: Entertain - Inform - Pursue Your Agenda

* I will reveal to you how to find new followers that are eager to listen to what you have to say,   people who are looking forward to your next tweet.

* How to break through the Twitter wall, those awkward follow limits that Twitter imposes particularly on new account.

* You will learn, in depth, how to engage with your followers, and in the process turn the time they spend on Twitter into a pleasant experience - and they are going to love you for it!

* Which pitfalls to avoid and the things you should not do on Twitter.

* You will learn some technical stuff: what are #hashtags and apps?

* And, last but not least, you will learn how to protect your account from phishing and how to keep hackers away.

  (Everything I will teach you will be within Twitter rules and TOS, there will be absolutely no shortcuts.)

I have included a special bonus:

Particularly new users are sometimes at a loss when it comes to posting content on their timeline.

I have prepared a list of hundreds of tailor-made tweets that I make available to you in this book.

Those are updates that have proven over time to be effective and to elicit massive, positive response from your followers - and THAT'S what you are after!

They are all 140 characters or less, and they are ready to go! 

The price tag is U$ 19.95, payable via Paypal. If you are interested, drop me a line at xalapa88@gmail.com, please. 

The document file is downloadable in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file.

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